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Thanks for doing what you said you would do! I came to you with a difficult situation and a very limited time frame with which to market and auction our $14,000,000 retail property. Not only did you and your staff jump in with both feet to meet every deadline to ensure a successful auction but you actually found a buyer before the auction even occurred. The buyer was qualified and assumed an existing mortgage within a two week time period which allowed this property to close three weeks before the scheduled auction date. You can’t ask for better results than that!

I was extremely pleased with your knowledge and professionalism. I truly believe that we would not have been successful without your persistence. I have shared our success story with many business associates and I will continue to recommend your services to property owners. I am confident that success will follow you and those that do business with you.

My very best regards to both you and your staff.

James C. Saxton,
President - Saxton Incorporated, Las Vegas, NV

Our firm purchased a luxury high-rise condominium project in Daphne, Alabama which had previously been auctioned unsuccessfully by a leading national auction company. After making a number of changes to the condominiums, we decided to accelerate the sales effort using the auction marketing program.

We solicited several national firms and selected Interstate Auction Company because of our knowledge of the key personnel and because of their responsiveness to and understanding of our immediate needs.

Prior to the auction, our prospects averaged only several per week, and our sales volume was only 3 units per year. Our projected sell out of the 22 units seemed bleak.

Interstate developed an intense marketing program that generated over 500 requests for information, and 300 parties visited-the property during the 5 week period prior to the auction.

On the day of the auction, Interstate sold 16 of the 22 units at . acceptable prices to us. Interstate continued the sales effort and sold the remaining 6 units within two weeks.

We are very pleased with the efforts of Interstate Auction Company and will definitely plan to use this firm for our future auctions.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey L Warwick, Vice President/Treasurer,
Twin Towers Realty, Daphne, Alabama

On behalf of First Georgia Savings Bank, I want to let you know how much we appreciate your help in selling our properties in Hopewell Plantation. Of the 30 total properties which we foreclosed in Hopewell Plantation, you helped in selling 28, including the large house which was the auction site. . .

You and your auction team were able to attract over 500 people to the auction, with over 70 registered bidders. Through your efforts after the auction, we were able to sell our 28 properties at no loss to First Georgia. In fact, we recovered all principal and interest, in aggregate, and almost all other costs of foreclosure associated with those properties.

Please feel free to use us as a reference. We will most certainly use your services in the future, as our needs may dictate.


Joseph C. Wright
Vice President - First Georgia Savings Bank, Atlanta, GA

Based on my personal prior working experience with Tom Hunter while he was with another large auction company, we solicited a proposal from Interstate Auction Company, as well as from other national auction companies, to offer Some Virginia Beach condominiums for us at auction. We selected Interstate's proposal based on their understanding of the property, and on their recommendations for marketing it.

The Interstate Auction Company team took charge of the property and conducted a 100% successful sale, getting all 24 properties under contract the night of the sale.

We are very pleased with the professionalism and the results obtained by Interstate Auction Company, and plan to use them again.


Scott McDonald
First National Bank of Louisville, KY

Fulton Federal Savings and Loan Association retained Interstate Auction Company to auction in a very exclusive subdivision north of Atlanta.

As a result of the marketing campaign conducted by Interstate, more people went through our property in the three weeks prior to the auction than in the entire two years prior to our contracting with Interstate. On sale day, Interstate obtained a written offer for us at slightly below our reserve price. Through the diligent efforts of John Johnson and his staff, soon after the auction, we had the property under contract, and subsequently closed.

I highly recommend John L. Johnson and his staff at Interstate Auction Company. They gave our property, and our staff, the individual attention necessary to have a very successful sale.


C. H. Emmert
Vice President - Fulton Federal Savings Bank

I want to take this opportunity to express my pleasure with the results that you and your team obtained in the recent series of auctions referenced above. Having only experienced "ballroom" type auctions previously, Iwas somewhat apprehensive about the "caravan" concept. However, your results have totally dispelled my doubts.

 Your team was completely prepared for the event. Your advertising, telemarketing, and broker outreach campaigns resulted in outstanding attendance at each site. The auction team did a wonderful job of getting opening bids and working the audience to obtain the maximum possible price for each property. Your results exceeded our pre-auction estimates by more than 25%.

Thank you for a job well done. The professionalism exhibited by Interstate Auction Company speaks well for the auction industry. Best wishes to you and your company in your future endeavors. I hope we have an opportunity to work together again in the near future.

Brady W Ratchford , III
Asset Marketing Specialist – REO
Resolution Trust Corporation

It was nice to hear from you. I was very glad, but not surprised, to know how well Interstate Auction Company is doing these days.

When I was Southeast Auction Coordinator for the Resolution Trust Corporation it was always a pleasure dealing with you and your staff. Out of the twelve or so auction companies we contracted with, I could always be certain that auctions conducted by Interstate Auction Company would be handled professionally and with the highest results obtainable.

The auctions conducted by your company, whether in Georgia, North or South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia or Washington, DC, were some of the most ­ successful ones the RTC held. Your knowledge of real estate and the information assembled for the due diligence packages were instrumental in our success.

If I can ever be of assistance as a reference for potential clients of Interstate Auction Company , feel free to call on me . ­

Roy Hill
Savannah , Ga

It is a pleasure to provide an enthusiastic letter of recommendation for your company and the excellent service it provided in the sale of our home in St. Ives, Duluth, in May 2000.

The period of 1999-2001 was a poor sellers market for homes in our price range and we were becoming, increasingly concerned as we had to carry the mortgage burden for the home we built and occupied in Florida as well as the Duluth, GA house. We tried several conventional realtors during that time with no success in obtaining a reasonable purchase offer. As you know, although we were skeptical of using an auction service, a mutual friend recommended that we contact you. The result was a sale within a few months consistent with the time schedule you proposed and at a price which was better than the minimum we would have accepted. Furthermore, everything was easily handled via our Atlanta attorney and your company without the need for travel back to the Atlanta area.

Overall, we were very pleased with the efficiency and integrity of your service and grateful to you for the rapid sale of the St. Ives home. The quick sale relieved us of a significant financial burden. We would not hesitate to recommend your service (and have in fact done so via phone to people who have called us). We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide this endorsement and would be glad to talk with anyone contemplating sale of property using the Interstate Auction Company.

Dr. Eugene P. Goldberg
Mt. Dora FL

Thanks for doing what you said you would do! Not only did you sell all 24 properties and close them in 30 days; you delivered on your pre-auction sales estimate.

John, I sincerely believe that we would not have been as successful without your persistence on the need to offer five lots "absolute". Although going "absolute" was a stretch for me. I am thoroughly convinced that the especially large turn out of qualified bidders came from this strategy. The size of the crowd generated by your well-conceived program and professional staff that you directed so well, are certainly credits to your organization.

I have told our success story to many and will continue to recommend to property owners that they use your service. I am confident that success and satisfaction will follow you and those that do business with you.

My very best regards to both you and your staff.


George S. Morgan,
President - Morgan Development Company, Inc.

The auction on October 14 was a success. We achieved what we targeted in net proceeds, which was in line with your pre-auction estimate. Once we calculated the marketing and carrying costs associated with our expected sell-out (at least one year which would have been required to sell 31 units), our decision to auction was confirmed. The sealed bid approach for the 4 penthouse units was creative and also yielded proceeds that we are happy with, especially with the extreme uncertainty associated with homes in that price range today.

The entire production was very professional, and the turnout on auction night was certainly large enough to ensure that we sold each home for its true value. The pre-auction traffic through the development was more than we had experienced in the preceding 12 months.

I have to admit that we were very nervous about offering several units "Absolute", but your auction made me a believer! You delivered what you promised with a very efficient program - utilizing an impressive, very competent staff. My notes indicate that you staged the event only six (6) weeks from our initial conversation, which was at least thirty (30) days quicker than your competition said was possible.

I appreciate your efforts.

Michael L. Ely,
MDC Development Company
Alpharetta GA

Almost four months have passed since the closing of the sale of our house in the Chateau Elan Resort in outskirts of Atlanta owned by our real estate subsidiary, Lotus Estate Co., Ltd. The only one thing left on our part relating to the sale is to submit the tax return to the Federal and State tax authorities of your country.

I have been fully informed of the status of the preparation for the auction for the sale of our Atlanta house from time to time from the very beginning when we asked you for your assistance in mid September till the closing of the sale in mid December. I understand that there were a number of issues to be resolved for preparation for the absolute auction, which you have kindly taken care of them.

As the sale by auction was the first experience for us, we felt a little uneasy to proceed with it. However, your sincere and faithful manners to cope with difficulties occurred one after another for the auction made us believe that we could fully rely on you. We believe that the very professional ways of yours and your colleagues you have chosen for the specific roles on the auction day made the auction successful.

Early 2001, we were told that our house would not be sold even below the market price due to unfavorable economic environments of the real property market So, we were rather pessimistic about the sale of our property. However, we were so pleased with the news that our property was sold by the auction to the highest bidder who happened to be with such an exclusive profession, a Judge, though the market must have gotten worse after the tragic event in September in your country,. It is even more surprising that all the personal properties were sold to the bidders gathered at the auction day from the neighborhood.

You must know that we are very happy with the sale of our property at the price appropriate at the auction. The successful disposition of our property is all due to your kind assistance and professional expertise. I would like to thank you again for your kind assistance.

Sincerely yours

Hidehiko Ueda
Senior Managing Director of the Board
Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Tokyo , Japan

Today is an exciting day for us at Clairmont Terrace Investments, LLC I have just returned from the attorney's office, where we closed the final sale from the auction of Clairmont Terrace Condominiums, am pleased to inform you that the remaining 28 condominium homes that were sold at auction are signed, sealed., and most importantly closed! We can now move forward and look at other opportunities.

As you well know, I had great misgivings about conducting an auction in the first place --- my previous experience many years ago was not favorable. And when your company made your presentation, stating that we should sell the first 6 units "absolute", I really began to wonder if we were doing the right thing, But, last week when we turned over the homeowner's association to the newly elected board, knew we had made the right decision.

From beginning to end, I am impressed with the professionalism and persistence of your auction company. The auction date was set. The signage was ordered and installed. The brochure was produced and distributed. The declarations and contracts were printed. The sales office was staffed. First contact telephone calls and follow up calls were made. And, in spite of many rainy days and the auction date being at the brink of war with Iraq, buyers turned out, and you left the auction with 28 signed contracts---and even a list of names as back-ups

During the past few weeks since the auction, your due diligence and persistence has really paid off. When four of the original purchasers fell by the wayside, you were right there, scheduling new appointments, showing the units---and most importantly signing more contracts. Your hard work and effort to "close” each sale is greatly appreciated.

I have shared our “positive” auction experience with many acquaintances and business associates. Needless to say, I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to someone in need of an alternative method to accelerate the sale of property or assets.


Roy T. Summers, President
The Summers Company

For my partners and myself, I want to say thank you. We would not have sold our home in Chateau Elan if it has not been for the efforts of you and your team. Your staff worked closely with us from the details of advertising the property all the way to closing.

Tom Hunter did an outstanding job of showing the property and making himself available whenever needed. Your whole team exhibited complete professionalism from beginning to end. I want to personally thank you for you cooperation and willingness to keep expenses to a minimum.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking to sell his or her property quickly and more importantly wants a company they can count on that is honest and professional in every aspect of the business relationship.

Don Ruffin

My partners and I wish to thank you for the quick sale of 16 properties listed with Sperry Van Ness. You helped us evaluate the multiple offers generated through you excellent marketing network. Since this sale was our first attempt at selling multiple properties (two states and 13 different cities), your counsel was invaluable was we navigated the myriad of obstacles such a sale entails.

Throughout the bidding process and eventual sale, you and your staff maintained frequent contact and follow through to help resolve potential hurdles. As future sales are contemplated, we will contact you for handling. Also, we will recommend your firm to other franchises.

Ronald O. McAffee

Even in my absence from the entire process while living in another state during this whole process, your professionalism, communication and detail-oriented service made for a very, very pleasant and thorough process from beginning to end. You also kept expenses and my other costs of handling the property below my expectations and the final sales price higher than I anticipated to my utmost appreciation.

I would highly recommend you and your staff and your services to any seller of organization thinking of liquidating their property at a very competitive price and with stellar service.

Tamra Burgwardt


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