Why Auction?

1. Auctions Bring Quick Sales.  Auction sales can often be closed instantly or within an acceptable time frame, depending on the sellers' requirements and flexibility. When the sale is over we will provide to you a signed purchase contract with a deposit check. 

2. Auctions Establish and Build Value. Auctions have the potential to generate higher prices than conventional sales in both individual and bulk sales settings. The auction method of marketing creates a form of competition that cannot be duplicated by private treaty. Each bid reinforces the market value of the property. This affirmation of value encourages other participants to continue bidding. 

3. Auctions Motivate Buyers To Action. An auction is a catalyst for motivating hesitant buyers into action. The auction brings all interested parties into one place at the same time for a single purpose - to determine who will pay the most for the property. All interested parties are "forced" to make a decision. Getting an interested person to act is the most difficult thing for a private treaty broker to do.

4. Auctions Provide Instant Liquidity. They transform surplus holdings into cash or earnings assets.

5. Auctions Expand Market Reach. This is one of the strongest advantages of our auction method - the promotion of your property.  By using signs, print media, electronic media, the internet and a direct mail campaign we can perform a media blitz that will reach all the prospective buyers. Motivated by the already determined sale date, We can put more people across your front door in two weeks time than you might otherwise see in two years! In addition, the marketing programs that support an auction can expose properties to a regional, national and international audience.

6. Auctions Get Attention. Sellers who opt for inclusion in multiple-owner, multiple-property auctions receive far more exposure for their properties than individual advertising contributions would buy.

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